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Garlic Breath Farm

Heritage Prairie Farm

Heritage Prairie Farm opened eleven years ago, and it didn't take long to establish a reputation for high quality produce, meats, eggs and honey.  Organic farming is an integral part of everything they do.  Using techniques developed by Eliot Coleman that include movable greenhouses, crop rotation and succession planting, they are able to operate a four season farm and maximize their land's efficiency.  In addition to a great variety of produce, HPF offers a beautiful venue for events like weddings, receptions and corporate events, and hosts Farm Dinners, Craft Fairs and Wellness Seminars.  Click here to take a look at their website. Click here to take a look at their website.

Biscocho's Baked Goods is a family owned bake shop that hand bakes great tasting, high quality breads, sweet treats and desserts. They are dedicated to quality and excellence!

click here to take a look at their website.

Biscocho Baked Goods

Mary's Wholesome Living

Mary's passion for cooking, canning and baking began when she was in 8th grade.  Ever since then she has been perfecting her craft, adding new recipes and variations on old favorites.  Not only does she grow most of the things she cans, she also teaches classes so others can learn to can, bake and cook healthy meals to feed their families.  She enjoys spending warm summer evenings and cool fall days filling mason jars with strawberry jam, peach preserves, zucchini pickles or roasted peppers. She and her husband spend a lot of time together; ladling tomatoes, cutting cucumbers or stirring the blueberries as they simmer. They are happy to be able to share the bounty of their labor with friends and family – and you!

Click here for Mary's website, and information on the classes she offers.

Mary's Wholesome Living.jpg

Fox Prairie Farm

Ann Getzelman and Brian Sebastian run Fox Prairie Farm in Hampshire, IL.  The farm has been in Ann's family for almost 100 years.  Ann grew up around Chianina-Angus herds, watching her father raise many award winning steers. She decided that raising Boer goats would be a lot like raising steers, but a less painful if they should step on your feet.   Fox Prairie Farm raises Boer goats for sale as well as for meat.  Fox Prairie also carries a variety of meats from Hasselmann Family Farm.  Hasselmann Farm is located in Marengo, Illinois, and they manage beef cows, hogs, sheep, turkeys, and chickens.  All of their meat and poultry is pasture-raised and pasture finished. Click here to take a look at the Fox Prairie website, and click here to look at the Hasselmann Family Farm website.

Grandma's Farm Fresh Eggs

Grandma's Farm Fresh Eggs is located on the Ogle Family Farm in Sugar Grove, Illinois.  The farm has been family owned and operated since 1868!  They are a registered Illinois Centennial farm (100 years in the same family) and look forward to achieving Sesquicentennial status (150 years) in early 2018.  They grow vegetables, and pasture livestock which includes chickens, turkeys, Jersey dairy cattle, sheep, and honeybees.

Click here to take a look at the Grandma's Eggs on Facebook.

Sitka Salmon Shares

Sitka Salmon Shares had an unlikely start as a project of the Sitka Conservation Society and a Knox College student fundraiser.  Six years later, Salmon Shares provides fish-loving Midwesterners the absolute best in line-caught wild Alaskan seafood as the leading fisherman-owned and fully-integrated Community Supported Fishery (CSF).  Their fish are caught individually using generation's old low-impact methods before being bled, dressed, and iced aboard their vessels.  On shore, their harvests are custom-processed with a laser focus on quality and complete traceability.  As CSF member or market customer, you’re joining a community of artisan fishers, healthy eaters, foodies, and Alaskan adventurers in a collective effort to rebuild America’s seafood system from the ground up. 


Click here to take a look at their website.

Didomi Café

Ingelnook Pantry

Connie and Mark Weaver own and operate Inglenook Pantry.  Inglenook started as a restaurant and catering service in downtown Geneva back in 1970.  They always provided homecooked meals using the freshest local ingredients they could find.  In 2006 they decided to focus their time and energy on farmer’s markets and farm to table eating.  Connie and Mark were instrumental in getting the Geneva Green Market on its feet and running smoothly.  They still provide home-cooked, farm to table meals through their participation in farmer’s markets, catering, and concession foods.  

Click here to take a look at their Facebook page.

Inglenook Pantry will be operating out of the Green Market's Stevens Street Kitchen this winter.

Alice's Corner

Alice's Corner

Alice's Corner is a hot food café serving authentic Bolivian foods.  They are also a full-service caterer, providing comprehensive packages that include all the food and beverage service and the event staff, as well as set up and breakdown.  Every idea and taste you have, we can accommodate. From classic fare in a traditional setting, to exotic themed parties, their catering staff will make your event picture perfect.


Click here to take a look at their website.

earth's secrets 1.jpg

Earth's Secrets

The folks at Earth's Secret believe beauty products can be made with no synthetic/toxic ingredients, dyes or chemicals. They personally hand make an All Natural Skin Care and Mineral Make up line that is safe and effective.  Their Products include: Mineral Makeup - Foundations, Tinted Moisturizers, Concealers, Bronzers and Finishing Veils, Blushes, Eye Colors, Mascaras, Lipsticks and Lip Glosses.  Pure Skin Care - Cleansers, Toners, Moisturizers, Night Cream, Eye Cream, Acne Gel, Lotions, Body Butter... and much more.

Click here to access their website.

Sandhill Coffee

Sandhill coffee is one of the best flavored cups of coffee you will find anywhere.  Their small batch processing, and their single farm or single coop sourced beans provide for an all around superb coffee experience.  The mission at Sandhill Coffee is to provide you with an ethical and environmentally conscious coffee experience.  More than anything, Sandhill Coffee looks forward to ensuring future generations have the same access to this planet that we do today. They want to inspire people to think of the environment first and recognize the amazing opportunities the outdoors has to offer. The planet is their priority—that is why their beans are ethically and environmentally sourced, bringing you coffee that not only tastes good, but motivates you to do good as well.

Click here for their website.

city roasters 1.jpg

The Little Bison Company

of Lester's Bison Farm

Gindos Hot Sauce.jpg

Gindos Hot Sauce

Gindo's believes that hot sauce doesn't have to be an afterthought or simply a condiment that you drip on your food to mask a mediocre dish or burn your senses useless. Their sauces are designed to inspire creativity in the kitchen and enhance food by adding flavor, aroma, color, texture and even nutrients.   When they started the company back in 2011, they simply wanted to make delicious pepper sauces with whole fresh peppers, sea salts and peppercorns. Since then, they've evolved their way of thinking. For so many people like Gindo's, the kitchen is the room with the most life in the house. It’s where people come together to not only cook and eat, but also commune and share stories and ideas.  They love the idea of being a part of that life, of having a little piece of themselves in every kitchen, helping to inspire food and conversation. 

Click here to take a look at their website.

Red Flower Organics

Red Flower Organics is a family owned and operated farm located in Maple Park Illinois, established in 2016. This year they received their organic certification and are busy planting and growing!  In addition to Micro Greens, they grow all kinds of garden vegetables, herbs, and micro greens, and  raise chickens and Ducks.

For more information on their farming practices, click here to visit their website.

red flower organics logo.png
three products.jpg
Amy's biscotti half size.jpg

Amy's Biscotti

Amy started baking biscotti for customers  at Tuscany, a restaurant in Oak Brook. Year after year the request for these cookies grew, and became a sign for her to start her own business. Amy's biscotti cookies are made especially the way you like them-traditional or custom designed for all your occassions! This crispy cookie dunks well in your favorite coffee, espresso ,tea, hot cocoa, or even wine! If your like us, you may like to eat them all on their own! Biscotti make great gifts! She can even do custom orders! 

Click here to go to her website.

Cutting Edge Knife Sharpening

Cutting Edge offers complete sharpening services along with expert blacksmithing.  If it could be cut before, it can be cut again!  When we sharpen an item for you it will also be balanced, returned to factory specs and polished if it is required.  On the blacksmithing side, anything can be made from artwork to one of a kind hand tools. Restoration of antique tools and machinery...from one part to the whole thing!  Knife sharpening is done on site at Farmers' Markets, and blacksmith services are handled at their shop in Oswego, Illinois.

Tom is a retired Design Engineer with a background in mechanical, electrical and refrigeration fields. He has been a blacksmith for 36 years and has an acute knowledge of metalurgy. Tom is the master Blacksmith at the Blackberry Farm and the Kendall County Historical Society at Lyons Farm.

Click here to take a look at their website.

knife sharpening 1.jpg
Micro greens 2.jpg

Urban Micro Gardens

Urban Micro Gardens started because of their quest for healthy organic options.  They noticed that most of the produce you can buy took days to get here and came at a hefty cost, and most local, organic products were only available seasonally. The wanted to find better options For the Chicago area. For this father and son team their quest became an obsession and turned into a mission of bringing local, healthy, year-round fresh product to the community. Their organically grown microgreens, blends and shoots delivered within hours of harvest.

Click here to check out their facebook page.

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