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Additional Resources

Ever thought about raising some chickens yourself?


Keeping some backyard chickens isn't as hard as you might think. has loads of great advice and tips, as well as resources for chicks, coops, feed and anything else you'll need to start your own flock.  

Click here to see what they have to say about how you can raise your own egg suppliers!

If you'd like to join the Green Market vendor group, click the Vendor Application Button to the left to download a copy of our Application and Market Rules!

Have you ever wanted to be a farmer?  Here's a great article about Urban Homesteading that will let you be a farmer on the property you already own.  You'd be surprised how easy it is to grow your own orchard, and help provide fresh food to your family and friends!

Practical Self-Sufficiency is another website that offers great tips on growing fruits, vegetables and nuts in your own yard.  It doesn't take a lot of space to start supplying your family with food, and help return your tired soil to a more healthy state.  Click here to redirect to their site.

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